At Amway, we offer world-class welfare and benefit packages, knowledge and skill development for career advancement, as well as good workplace environment.

The Amway Thailand headquarters
The Amway Thailand headquarters was established in 2012 of which the construction value is over 1.1 billion baht (1,100 million baht) covering 4 acres (10 rai) and 45,432 square meters of utility space. The complex is designed in a “Green Concept” focusing on energy saving with environmentally friendly surroundings. The Building Management System (BMS) is installed in buildings for automatic temperature control, electricity reduction by using daylight and cladding facade to reflect heat. The office automation systems are also being used in office to provide more efficient use of documents and reduce pollution caused by unfriendly resources.
Amway Plaza
3-storey Amway Plaza, provides complete services to ABOs and Members, featuring:
 - Amway Shop, and Headquarters
 - Amway Experience Center
 - After Sales Service
 - Hall of Fame of Amway Diamonds and above

Amway Shop
Amway Shop, a perfect one-stop-shopping service which offers more than 500 Amway products and support more than 1 million ABOs and Members per year.
amway_Excellent_Workplace_0005_9experience center
Amway Experience Center
Amway Experience Center, delivers business insights in all dimensions, Amway heritage and philosophy, and information of all Amway products lines.
amway_Excellent_Workplace_0004_10 RichandJay
Rich & Jay Ballroom
Rich & Jay Ballroom, a large convention hall well-equipped with essential tools, can support upto 1,500 guests.
Office Building
5-storey office building and 8 multi-storey car park, with 600 available parking lots.
DeVos Park
DeVos Park, a 180-degree greenery view where visitors can relax and enjoy sightseeing.