Founders’ Fundamentals

Freedom is our natural state and the most conducive environment in which we live, work, achieve and grow. It allows for the opportunity to build a meaningful and purposeful life. The Amway business recognizes, supports, and expands our freedom, which is both personal and economic. Thus it is our responsibility to ensure, protect, and sustain our freedom.
The Family is our primary social structure, providing love and nurturing, heritage and legacy. The family provides us with a consistent set of values and a framework for growth and the ability to thrive as individuals. The Amway business respects and supports the family, as evidenced by the prominence of 'family' in Amway Distributorships.
Hope gives us the power to transform our lives in positive ways. It is a force that allows us to envision dreams, establish goals and achieve great things. By offering hope, we open windows of possibility for others, and it is why Amway speaks so meaningfully to the needs of people around the world.
Reward involves the shared action of giving and receiving. Reward helps us grow either as the giver or the recipient, and there are many ways we are rewarded. At the most basic, it is to be acknowledged and loved as a person. To be rewarded also means to be recognized for one's commitments, valued for one's contributions, and compensated for one's efforts. Reward helps productivity to flourish by providing both a closure for one action and an impetus for a new action. Reward is integral to the Amway business as we help each other grow as people and as entrepreneurs.

10 Reasons to Work at Amway

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Amway’s Vision & Values

Working in trust and confidence with each other to maximize everyone's long-term success.
Measuring success not only in economic terms, but also by the respect, trust and credibility one earns.
Personal Worth
Treating people fairly, respecting their unique qualities, and giving them opportunities to reach their full potential.
Encouraging and recognizing creativity, innovation, excellence and accomplishment in all we do.
Personal Responsibility
Helping people to hold themselves accountable for achieving personal, team, and corporate goals.
Free Enterprise
Advocating freedom and free markets as the best way to improve standards of living worldwide.