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_0001_2K Fon
Lalita Wattana
I'm proud to have been working with Amway. The company has a business model that supports people's freedom, and operates its business in more than 100 countries around the globe. Free enterprise makes Amway grow rapidly and stably. As the company's principle is to give full support to its business owners, we, as the employee, have strong confidennce that we will also get full support from Amway.

 Lalita Wattana (Fon)
Business Relations Division
_0000_3K Ae-3
Yaovanee Samerwong
I'm so lucky in joining Amway as a Shop Manager. Though I have no experience in this field, the company saw my potential and gave me the opportunity to proof myself. Unhesitatingly, I seized this great opportunity to work with a world-class organization.

 Yaovanee Samerwong (Aey)
Supply Chain Division
_0002_4K Ive-3
Sawitree Intarawichian
I used to work with many multi-national companies, but Amway is the only place that provides boundless opportunities to show my utmost capabilities. There're many opportunities from local and international projects that we can participate in. And this is the difference at Amway, the World's and Thailand's No.1 network marketing business.

 Sawitree Intarawichian (Eve)
 Finance Division